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Old Man Winter Creates Travel Mess

Justin Pazera

Old Man Winter Creates Travel Mess

CREATED Mar. 10, 2013

 A big winter storm came bearing down on the Omaha area and held on like a vice, making travel nearly impossible at times.  Many people found themselves playing a waiting game with the storm. The snow started to taper off Sunday night but Old Man Winter didn't leave the metro without creating a travel mess. Parts of Interstate 80 were shut down and the runway at Eppley Airfield wasn't much better off.

Linda Christensen of Bellevue says, "We left Houston thinking we'd be home by 1:30pm and then we didn't get home by 1:30pm so we went to Sioux Falls instead." Christensen sat for six hours in Sioux Falls before the flight finally returned to Omaha. Another passenger told Action 3 News her plane circled Eppley then landed in Kansas City.  Some flights are re-scheduled for Monday.

Life on the highway was not much better. Truckers were left in park for most of the day as plows cleared parts of I-80. Kevin Adams is trying to deliver a John Deer tractor to Oklahoma. He's now late because police closed parts of I-80. Adams says, "That's about $500. Depending who you are that could be $500-700 for a day of lost revenue with the interstate shut down." 

It's all part of the job though. Adams says this happens every year. For some the key to riding out the storm is having a good sense of humor. Christensen says, "Not a very good ending to a pretty great vacation."