Bill Seeks to Change Nebraska's Electoral Vote System

Jennifer Griswold

Bill Seeks to Change Nebraska's Electoral Vote System

CREATED Mar. 6, 2013

Lincoln, NE - Secretary of State John Gale says he supports a bill that would change the way Nebraska distributes electoral votes. He supports a winner-take-all system.  


Right now, Nebraska and Maine are the only states that divide up electoral vote by congressional districts.


Senator Charlie Janssen on Fremont sponsored LB382. (You can read the bill's text on the unicameral's web site.)


The Secretary of State's office said Gale testified Wednesday in front of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. He said the winner-take-all system benefits smaller states like Nebraska. "Dividing up its electoral votes weakens Nebraska's opportunity to have any influence or importance with any new administration if it only delivers a few of its total electoral votes to the winning candidate."