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Farmers Weary of Drought; Ag Business is Steady

Farmers Weary of Drought; Ag Business is Steady

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Mar 6, 2013

Omaha, NE - Farmers from near and far check out equipment at the Century Link. Combines, tractors and trucks catch the eye of hundreds prepping for planting season. 

"Well last year, we kinda, skated by."
While many farmers bargain for deals the topic of conversation at the Triumph Ag Expo; the drought.
Farmer Bill Johnson is weary.
"Well you have to be worried because you know we've got a little moisture and it's in the top 6 inches. That'll start the corn but there's no way down to 7 or 8 feet. It's dry dirt."
Bill Johnson has seen a lot during his 50 plus years of farming. This time around he's keeping his fingers crossed for more rain.
"Well it's crop insurance time and we're gonna have to insure for the highest level we can", adds Johnson.
Hundreds of vendors, including Riggins Ag Equipment, are set up in Omaha today. These guys say business is steady despite the looming worry of another dry summer.
Sales Rep Mark Sutton says the drought hasn't affected business.
"We went through a super dry summer last year but really in the Ag sector of our economy everything is going really well."
Sutton says every year is a risk for farmers. All they can do is keep positive and hope for the best.
"Just, hold on cause that's about all you can do."
Kendell Vorthmann hasn't been farming for long. He knows it could be devastating if this summer ends up like last.
"Buy the best level of crop insurance you can to try and protect yourself. and just take care of your bottom line", adds Vorthmann.
His bottom line? Hoping mother nature will shower Nebraska with much needed rain.