Pup Badly Injured by Unleashed Dog

Jake Wasikowski

Pup Badly Injured by Unleashed Dog

CREATED Mar. 5, 2013

Omaha, NE -- It's a walk in the park one dog owner will never forget.  A Pomeranian attacked by another dog has serious injuries, and the owner says it could have been prevented.  The Nebraska Humane Society says this is a complete illustration of why it is important to keep your dogs on a leash.

David Martin was walking his two leashed Pomeranians on February 20th at Towl Park near 93rd & W. Center Rd. when the unexpected happened.  David said three large unleashed dogs ran out of the woods.  The owners stopped two of the dogs, but what David described as a hunting dog attacked their 4-year-old Pomeranian named Charley.  When David was able to get the dog off of Charley he rushed him to the vet.  Charley had a 4-5 inch laceration on his stomach among other injuries.

"He was trying to kill my little guy,” Martin explained. “Fifteen staples, and as many stitches.  The vet said if I had gotten there an hour later he'd be dead.  Part of his intestine was hanging out, that had to be put back in, sutured up."

The owners have been located, and were cited for Dogs off Leash and Damaging Property.  Dogs are considered property per city ordinance.  The Nebraska Humane Society says incidents like these, but may not be as severe, happen too often.

"The reason why we have a leash law is to first protect the community and then to protect your own pet from harm.  So if you've got a leash on your dogs he's in control other people's dogs are in control and you're not going to run into an incident like this," said Pam Wiese with the Nebraska Humane Society

Charley will get his staples out soon, but David worries about owners who don't keep their dogs on a leash.

"What's going to be next, a toddler?  An infant? It’s sad,” Martin concluded.

The Nebraska Humane Society says the Damaging Property citation can carry up to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine.