Tornado App Will Alert You to Severe Weather

Carrie Murphy

Tornado App Will Alert You to Severe Weather

CREATED Mar. 4, 2013

Omaha, NE - It's March.  The month when the Midwest can have a blizzard today and a tornado tomorrow.

To celebrate Red Cross month, the Heartland chapter introduced the new tornado app Monday. 

It will help users prepare for severe weather, explain what to watch for when tornado watches and warnings are issued, and encourage users to tune in to local television meteorologists and NOAA weather radio.

You can also get information about when and where to evacuate if a tornado hits and how to create a family safety plan and emergency kit.

Even if the app isn't turned on, an alert will sound on your phone if a tornado warning is issued in your area. You will also get the "all clear" message when the storm has passed.

You can also make donations to the Red Cross disaster fund.