Deputies Bust Convicted Felons on Gun Charge

Carrie Murphy

Deputies Bust Convicted Felons on Gun Charge

CREATED Mar. 4, 2013

Omaha, NE - Stolen credit cards, a defaced gun, and a scary Halloween mask.  Douglas County deputies found all that when they stopped a pickup truck near 144th and "F" early Friday morning.

All three men in the truck were convicted felons; all three were arrested for possessing an altered gun. Deputies found it on the ground, after the men got out of the truck. The driver also had a suspended driver's license.

Deputies confiscated credit cards inside the truck, some had been reported stolen.  The Halloween mask and gloves were also found in the truck.

These men were arrested:

Jeremy Brungardt, age 33

Darren Sayles, age 46

Noah Strimple, age 30