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State Attorney General Warns of Sophisticated Scams

Jennifer Griswold

State Attorney General Warns of Sophisticated Scams

CREATED Mar. 4, 2013

Lincoln, NE - The Nebraska Attorney General urged people to be on the lookout for increasingly sophisticated scams. He teamed up with the Better Business Bureas President and Lincoln Postmaster for a news conference to start National Consumer Protection Week.

Jon Bruning announced today his office received more than 450 fraud-related consumer complaints in 2012. The most common ones involved fake checks, lottery letters and "mystery shopper" job offers that people get through the mail or email. 

He asks consumers to check their credit reports on a regular basis. 

Often times the scams come from organized crime in Russia and east Africa. Bruning said his office doesn't always have the resources to stop these offshore criminals. 

He does hope to alert people to scams in the future through a new twitter account. The Attorney General's office launched @NEAGConsumer today. In a news release, Bruning said, "We’re working to provide Nebraskans with the information they need, when they need it. Twitter allows us to alert consumers when we see an emerging trend in consumer complaints and need to get information out quickly.”

The president of the Better Business Bureau in Nebraska advises residents to shred documents with any identifying information to help prevent identity theft.

BBB President, Jim Hegarty is quoted in the news release as saying, “The first line of defense against scammers is to keep information out of their hands. Shredding documents is a great way to reduce the risk of personal information being used fraudulently. Another way to limit how much information is available is by opting out of receiving prescreened offers.”

For more information on common scams and tips to protect yourself, you can visit the Nebraska BBB web site or the Nebraska Attorney General's web site.