144th and Blondo Construction Starts Monday Morning

Lindsey Theis

144th and Blondo Construction Starts Monday Morning

CREATED Mar. 3, 2013

The intersection at 144th and Blondo has reached its capacity with about 26,000 vehicles passing through it each day. Starting at 9 a.m. Monday morning, crews will begin a phase of the project that expands the intersections and the roads around in to four lanes. The project in its entirety will take 17 months. It is expected to bring some more congestion.

"I totally feel negative about because that's how I get to school everyday so I don't like that," Paige Novac, who drives through the intersection said.

Crews will widen 144th from about one block south of Blondo to roughly Eagle Run Drive. There will be lane restrictions, but drivers can still use it. Meanwhile, widening is also going on Blondo from 141st Ave. to 144th St. Blondo road will be shut down for that segment and detours will be posted. It will be shut for four-to-five months.

Drivers say the widening is needed, but they're not excited about the construction.

"We just live on the first street off Blondo, which has kind of been busy too because everybody been coming down our street to avoid the traffic," neighbor Shannon Stermick said. "So we'll be interested to see what happens."

The project will cost $6.6 million. Federal funds will cover 80 percent of the cost. City bond funds are covering the remaining 20 percent.