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Two Omaha Bars Could Lose Liquor Licenses

Jake Wasikowski

Two Omaha Bars Could Lose Liquor Licenses

CREATED Feb. 25, 2013

A couple of Omaha bars could lose their liquor licenses.  The city says there have been too many fights at Club X on 24th & O St. and Doc’s Bar and Grill at 89th & H St.  Just 6 weeks ago, the Omaha City Council canceled the Carlisle Hotel’s liquor license.

OPD brought this to the attention to the city council because of the problems.  Club X or Club Equis has had multiple fights.  One on New Year’s caused two people to go to the hospital and multiple people reported they were trampled.  Doc's Bar and Grill has also had multiple fights and when authorities tried to talk to management, they locked the doors and wouldn't come out.  The city says this activity has been getting more frequent for the last few years, and they need to send a message.

"Our position is that it does not matter if your customers are fighting in the bar or out in the parking lot, you're the one that brought them there and you're responsible for your customer’s actions,” said Deputy City Attorney Tom Mumgaard. "If you don't want the trouble that your customers bring upon you then don't attract them as your customers."

The city will introduce the resolutions Tuesday, and give the owners a couple of chances to respond or change.  KMTV Action 3 News spoke with a person who knows the situation and says that after the last few fights, the bar closed up shop and the owners haven't been back since December.

If the city does cancel the liquor license it would go to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.  The Carlisle Hotel will have an appeal hearing with the Liquor Control Commission in March.