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Air, Ground Travel Major Concerns Ahead of Storm

Kandiss Crone

Air, Ground Travel Major Concerns Ahead of Storm

CREATED Feb. 20, 2013

OMAHA, Neb. -- Hours before a powerful winter storm slams the metro, Public Works trucks were busy.

Wednesday night, drivers sprayed  brine on residential streets to keep them from icing over. 

"Essentially putting down a salt brine ahead of the storm event so that we can potentially eliminate the bond between the snow and the pavement," Omaha Public Works Director Bob Stubbe said. 

Crews began pre-treating the roads earlier Wednesday. Trucks loaded with salt and sand left the yard and made their way into neighborhoods to make getting around a bit easier.    

Traveling by car isn't the only concern. United Airlines already canceled several flights leaving Eppley after 9 a.m. Thursday.

Creighton men's baseball team is among the many air passengers affected. Their flight to Beaumont, Texas, is in jeopardy, leaving the future of their weekend series up in the air.  

"We were hopefull that we could get out Friday now we've been told that that was gonna be a problem. We've been in contact with the folks down in Beaumont, Texas, and I'm in the process of trying to call some other schools to see if we can get any games in at all this weekend," Coach Ed Servais said.
Officials at Eppley Airfield said they're bringing in extra employees to keep things running smoothly at the airport.
Public Works trucks will treat the roads all night and into the morning hours before the storm hits.