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Salvation Army Helps People Ahead of Snow Storm

Kandiss Crone

Salvation Army Helps People Ahead of Snow Storm

CREATED Feb. 19, 2013

Omaha, NE - Hot meals and warm clothing. Several people lined up at the Salvation Army's truck to get food and supplies. Some of them stocking up ahead of a storm that could dump at least eight inches of snow.

"That's too much, that's too much snow for me," Curtis Austin said.
Curtis Austin knows the Salvation Army's night watch program won't hand out food Thursday night. He and others are getting whatever they can, while they can.
"It seemed like he had more of a demand for apparel tonight. So we gave out hats, gloves, blankets and scarves and stuff like that," Ryan Gratopp said.
Volunteers say tonight was a lot busier than other nights, because many people are gearing up for the storm. They expect another big turnout tomorrow as well. "We usually give two meals per person and so a lot of people are getting more than that, probably stocking up," Gratopp said.
Stocking up and preparing to ride out what's shaping up to be the worst storm so far this winter. "I'll be inside nice and warm," Austin said.
The Salvation Army is on standby with the City of Omaha to open shelters if needed.