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Drugs, guns found inside Omaha home

Michelle Molison, Kimberly Foley

Drugs, guns found inside Omaha home

CREATED Feb. 13, 2013


Omaha, NE - A Crime Stoppers tip led Omaha police to a home where two people were arrested Tuesday on gun and drug charges.

Undercover officers followed up on a tip that there was illegal activity taking place at a home on 27th and Wyoming Streets.

Officers obtained a search warrant, and with the help of the SWAT team, went inside.

"There was about 8 to 10 gentlemen and a few women standing outside," said Garry Black, who was visiting his mother at a home down the street. "Most of the guys had masks on, and the crime lab van was parked in front of the driveway."

Police said three adults and an 8-year-old were inside.

They also found a marijuana grow, various drugs and 63 guns.

"That's bad," said Jim Robb, a neighbor. "Guns are alright, but if you want to play with them, go some place where it's safe."

Police arrested two of the three people inside the home.

Cynthia Allen was booked for possession of methamphetamine and child neglect.

Her husband, David Allen, was arrested for manufacturing marijuana, possession of a firearm while making narcotics and child neglect.

Police said a warrant has been issued for the third person's arrest.

They will not confirm the name of the person. They only said it's the couple's adult son.

Police placed the 8-year-old in protective custody.