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Farmers Nervous for Summer Crop; Little to no Snow This Winter

Meghan Matthews

Farmers Nervous for Summer Crop; Little to no Snow This Winter

CREATED Feb. 12, 2013

Valley, NE - A third generation farmer. Born and raised on his family's farm in Valley, Ryan Ueberrhein is nervous.

"We aren't getting the snow and the rain like we had hoped."

Ueberrhein is one of thousands of Nebraska farmers who suffered last summer.

"Everything started looking real good, it was growing nice and it just got dryer and dryer and dryer and you're able to see stuff just wither away."
He watched his crop shrivel. It's something he doesn't want to see again.
"We're definitely in a deficit right now as far as the ground water goes we need a lot of snow and a lot of rain to try and rebuild that back."
Omaha has seen only a half an inch of snow this year and little to no rain at all.
Experts say it'll take at least eight feet of snow to get soil back its normal condition before spring planting.
"It is a little bit nerve wracking, you just gotta kinda keep your chin up and hope and pray that we do get some timely rains and some snowfall yet this winter."
Ryan is laying down fertilizer and nutrients on his corn and soybean crop. He's making sure his machinery is ready by April.   
The future of his crops is up in the air.
All he can do is wait, keep a positive attitude and hope mother nature will cooperate.
"It's a lot of unknowns, you know just when you think things are going good that's when, like I said mother nature can throw the curve ball."