Fire Department Saves Dog From Icy Water

Justin Pazera

Fire Department Saves Dog From Icy Water

CREATED Feb. 10, 2013

 A few photo snapshots from the Cedar Bluffs Volunteer Fire Department paint a clear picture of just how far they'll go to save a dog. The dogs owners noticed Promise wasn't around the house and started to worry.

Wayne Johnson says, "Searched everywhere and then I finally looked out the window and seen something out on the lake and I thought, is that duck or something, and I figured out it was her out there, swimming" Promise fell through the ice into a sewage pond.

Shelia Johnson says, "I just wanted to jump in the water and go after her. I've never felt so helpless in my life." The two called dispatch for help. That's when the Cedar Bluffs Volunteer Fire Department suited up and rushed to the water. Assistant fire chief Chris Lichtenberg says "The owner was there with a long rope. The rope wasn't going to be nearly long enough to get the dog out and he could tell the dog was getting very very weak."

Promise had been struggling for at least thirty minutes. The assistant fire chief used his own air boat to make the rescue. The 130-pound pooch was loaded up into the boat then an ambulance to warm up. She was reunited with family, back in a warm house, back to putting a big smile on her family's face.