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Bellevue Student Arrested After Bringing Airsoft Pistol to School

Bellevue Student Arrested After Bringing Airsoft Pistol to School

By Kandiss Crone. CREATED Feb 6, 2013

Bellevue, NE - Officers armed with rifles and a K-9 unit secure Bellevue East High School minutes after students say they saw a classmate with a gun. "Two girls saw the kid with the gun and he pulled it out of his pants, cocked it, then stuck it back in there," Chelsy Norman said.

Police say a male student brought an airsoft pistol to school. The guns only shoot plastic pellets, but a quick google search shows they're designed to look like the real deal.
Students left everything behind and immediately evacuated the school while staff members called 9-1-1. "Our coach came up to us and said you guys need to get out there's somebody armed, we have to get out right now," a student said.
"We actually came out of the school, went back in and she had to come down the hallway screaming 'everybody get out," Carlea Magee said.
"A couple cops had their guns and stuff. We saw them running in, that's what scared us the most cause something serious was going on," Dawnelle Brown said.
Investigators quickly found the 17-year-old student and the airsoft pistol. A woman who told us she's a relative of the young man refused to comment.
Officers arrested the teen but won't release his identity because he's a juvenile. "We had the party in custody at 23 minutes after so it was done fairly quickly. It did take a little bit of time to then clear the rest of the building to ensure we're only dealing with that one person and that one item," Bellevue Police Chief Mark Elbert said.
Despite today's scary ordeal students are thankful no one was hurt. "I'm just glad everybody's safe," Magee said.
Police say the teen will be charged with terroristic threats, and disturbing the peace. They booked him at the junvenile detention facility.