Fitting Room Peeping Tom

Rebekah Rae

Fitting Room Peeping Tom

CREATED Feb. 6, 2013

Omaha, NE - Surveillance video of a peeping tom shows a man taking pictures of a woman inside a dressing room, at a goodwill store near 180th and Q street.  On December 27th, he uses his cell phone to take pictures, he even gets on his knees to put his cell phone under the dressing room door.  The 19 year old woman inside the room notices someone taking photos and the peeper leaves before anyone can catch him.

Goodwill Chief Officer, Randy Parks says, the store has cameras everywhere and since this instance is rare there are no plans to change the design of fitting rooms.  "We would suggest, when a customer is out shopping that they aware of their surroundings," Parks says this store is still safe to shop and they will continue to have the floor fully staffed.  Although, in the surveillance video, an employee is feet away and doesn't notice the peeper crouching down.

In the video, there is white paint on the suspects pants.  A clue the Sheriff's Department hopes will help catch the peeper.  If caught, he could face felony charges for unlawful intrusion since he used a phone to record images of a woman without her consent in a secluded area.  If anyone knows who the man is they are asked to call the Douglas County Sheriff's office at 402-444-6000.  A cash reward is available for a tip that leads to an arrest.