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Nebraska Farmers Relate to Super Bowl Ad

Justin Pazera

Nebraska Farmers Relate to Super Bowl Ad

CREATED Feb. 4, 2013

 They're more than a few pictures and poetic words about living on a farm. This is life for Milt and Joann Fricke. It's been a road full of bumps, curves and blind corners - a tough hill to climb. Joann says, ""We had no money, and I'm saying no money."

They built their farm from the soil to the tops of silos. Who knew a Super Bowl commercial could depict a life so true? Milt says, "One of the things was staying up with the horse and losing the colt. Losing the fold overnight." The Frickes started farming their land in 1957 and a lot has changed over the last few decades, mainly technology. But one thing is still the same for every farmer, it's a lot of work. "It's tough." said Ryan Ueberrhein, a 27-year old farmer in Valley.

This is his first year farming and some how he says the commercial summed up the life of any farmer is just two minutes. Ueberrhein says, "It's still the same principals, the same roots of what it used to be back then it just looks different today." Dodge paid about 16-million dollars to air the ad which was seen by about 108-million people. The company says it will donate a dollar to the Future Farmers of America organization for every view it gets online, up to a million dollars.