Emaciated Horses Removed from Iowa Farm

Kandiss Crone

Emaciated Horses Removed from Iowa Farm

CREATED Jan. 23, 2013

Omaha, NE - Visibly thin, a group of four hungry horses can't get enough food to fill their bellies. The animals were just rescued from a farm near Farragut, Iowa. 

Fremont County Sheriff's Deputies say someone called in a tip about a group of malnourished, emaciated horses.  On Tuesday, deputies called in Hooves and Paws to rescue the animals. "They're pretty thin, you can see their halters have been embedded in they're face on a couple of them," Genea Stoops said. 

Just a day after their rescue, a man with a passion for taking care of horses adopted them and is nursing them back to health. He asked his identity and location be kept confidential to protect the horses and his property. "We brought them here and we de-wormed them we'll probably have the veterinarian out and have them checked over and just hope for the best and see what their abilities are."

The man wants the horses to get better so he can find them forever homes. Genea Stoops says she's glad someone brought the animals home so quickly. "I worried all night, I was ecstatic. We have so many horses that need adoption and they're so many out there that are in trouble right now that this is incredible." 

Police say the owner tried to set the horses free before they arrived. They charged him with a couple crimes, including livestock neglect. He paid a fine and is out of jail. 

Hooves & Paws is also in the process of expanding their facility to help even more animals.  If you'd like to donate visit www.hoovespaws.org or call (712) 527-3721.