Marian Fey Will Take Over as OPS Board President

Meghan Matthews

Marian Fey Will Take Over as OPS Board President

CREATED Jan. 23, 2013

OMAHA, NE - The Omaha Public Schools Board of Education accepted the resignation of board president Freddie Gray at its meeting Wednesday night.

Gray says she's leaving for a job she can't turn down and just doesn't have time to serve the  board anymore.

No answer came from the former OPS board president during roll call.

During the first board meeting without Freddie Gray, its members had business to take care of.

"So when the board accepts a resignation from the office of president, under current OPS policy the vice president becomes president."

Vice President Marian Fey will now take on the role of president for the Omaha Public School Board.

"We now need to fill the office of Vice President and again we have several options."

Nominating herself in a quick speech board members elected Mary Morrissey to take over as vice president. 

Board member Justin Wayne thanked Gray for her hard work and dedication.

"I want to publicly thank Miss Gray for all her hard work to the district and wish her the best and she was duly elected as our last president."

"She's a tireless advocate for young people and I appreciate the time that I had serving with her on this board."

With the goal of moving forward and continuing education progress, board members say they're ready for a fresh start.

As for filing Freddie's seat in District 2, the board will appoint someone to serve out her term.