Propane Tanks Explode, Destroys Omaha Home

Justin Pazera

Propane Tanks Explode, Destroys Omaha Home

CREATED Jan. 21, 2013

Firefighters hit the home at every angle after two propane tanks exploded. The gas ignited a fire so intense it started another home to the south on fire, busting windows in other homes. Jamie Reinhold lives across the street. Her husband called 911.

Reinhold says, "I heard him say, the house is on fire. I first thought it was our house that was on fire but then he said no, that house." Obviously worried, Reinhold went to other neighbors to make sure they were ok.

Across the street, Lyle Reid watched the house burn just steps away from his. The first blast was so strong, it cracked several windows in his home. Reid says, "The first one like I said it was far... five foot in diameter ball of fire and it came out about 10-foot from the house." 

There were workers in the home at the time of the blast. They made it out safe and were able to call 911. As for what caused the explosion, the state fire marshal has been called into investigate.