Report: Student Brought Loaded Gun to School

Michael Crowley

Report: Student Brought Loaded Gun to School

CREATED Jan. 18, 2013

Omaha, NE - Omaha Police today released a report involving a student
who brought a pistol to Northwest High School last Friday. The gun was taken away before any harm could be done.

School officials say a female student brought the .45 caliber pistol and "intended on killing herself," the report states.

According to the Omaha Police Department report obtained by Action 3 News, a student saw the gun in the girl's purse and alerted the School Resource Officer.

The officer then approached the female student from behind in the school cafeteria and took her purse, which he found to be "extremely heavy, " the report states.

Upon searching the purse, the officer found a Kimber .45 caliber

handgun with three rounds in the clip.

Last Friday, a spokesman with Omaha Public Schools David Patton, told
Action 3 News they are relieved other students who saw the gun in her
possession, alerted school administrators.

According to Omaha Public schools, the student could be expelled for
one year in accordance with the school's student code of conduct

The student's name has not been released because of her age.