Travelers be Aware! Scammers Target Hotels and Guests

Meghan Matthews

Travelers be Aware! Scammers Target Hotels and Guests

CREATED Jan. 17, 2013

Travelers be weary, one phone call could change everything.

"Hang up on them. Laugh first to make them feel foolish and then hang up on them."

It's a scam surfacing in Omaha targeting hotels and their guests. This trick didn't food Rich Chandler.

"Gentleman on the phone said that he was from the desk downstairs, and that they had lost power in a part of the building."
Chandler says he got a call in his room at the Country Inn & Suites on 120th and Miami.
The scammer pretends to be a front desk employee, saying he needs guests credit card information because of a power outage.
He offers a discount on the hotel room. Chandler didn't buy it and hung up.
"Well it scares me the people. There are people out there that would say oh that's fine I understand. And if you try it enough I mean it's not a lot, but if you try it enough somebody is gonna bite and get hurt so."
Hotel employees are now on high alert.
"It makes me personally worried because we like to protect our guests. They have privacy issues that they need to be accountable for as well as the front desk."
Omaha Police and the Better Business Bureau confirm reports of the scam. They say never give out your personal info over the phone.
"A hotel is not going to call you in the middle of the night, wake you up to do this. You're their guests. They'll wait until the morning to notify you that there's an issue if there is which is very unusual. And they'll likely ask you to come down to the desk to take care of it."