Tighter Gun Laws Trigger Emotion

Rebekah Rae

Tighter Gun Laws Trigger Emotion

CREATED Jan. 16, 2013

Omaha, NE- Everyone has an opinion when it comes to gun control. After hearing President Obama's plans for gun control, one man shares his perspective.

Fred Wilson was working inside Von Maur when a gunman went on a rampage five years ago.  He says it's good the president is taking action, while the Sandy Hook Tragedy is still fresh on the minds of everyone.

"Someone needed to take the first step and we can only hope there will be follow up steps to bring about this legislation."  Fred Wilson watched as the president listed actions that could change the way America buys weapons.  After hearing the address, he doesn't feel his right to bear arms is being jeopardized.  Wilson knows the effects of gun violence first hand.  "The Von Maur moment was surreal."  He was working in Von Maur on December 5th 2007, when Robert Hawkins opened fire, killing eight people and himself.  Wilson was hit several times in the arm.
"As we well know, events like the Von Maur shooting continue to happen, most recently in an enormous way, the Sandy Hook shootings."  Since Von Maur, gun laws haven't changed. Wilson says as time passes on, people forget, and their attitudes change.  "That's why we need to take action now, while its still fresh in the mind."
While the nation remembers 20 children and 6 adults who died innocently in a Connecticut school, Wilson remembers 8 others, Maggie Webb and Gary Scharf. Angie Schuster, Janet Jorgensen, Diane Trent, Gary Joy, Beverly Flynn, John Mcdonald, and of coarse the scars he still bears from the bullets.  Today he can hardly use his right hand, but he says he is the lucky one.  "Their lives were precious and they were taken far too soon."
Wilson will be watching for legislation to come out of congress in the coming weeks.  He offers advice to those still grieving, it's important to never forget, but forgiveness can be powerful in the grieving process.