UPDATE: Judge Sets High Bond For Omaha Man Arrested for 8th DUI

Jake Wasikowski

UPDATE: Judge Sets High Bond For Omaha Man Arrested for 8th DUI

CREATED Jan. 16, 2013

Omaha, NE - On Thursday afternoon a judge set bond at $250,000 for a man arrested for his eighth DUI.

36-year-old Daniel Cano was arrested early Wednesday morning, just five days after being released from jail.  Police say they stopped him near 50th & Center Street because he was driving erratically, jumped a median, and almost hit an OPD cruiser.  Police say Cano had a Blood Alcohol Level of .317.  When officers checked his criminal history they found 7 prior DUI convictions dating back to 2002. 

"This individual has had as many chances as anybody should have," said Douglas County attorney Don Kleine.  "As far as I'm concerned he's really a menace, he's a danger, he doesn't get it, he continues to drive and thankfully nobody was hurt," Kleine said.  "He shouldn't be out there on the streets, shouldn't be allowed to drive but obviously he doesn't get that part of it because his license has been revoked so we will be asking for a very high sentence." 

Cano was sentenced in 2007 and 2011 3-5 years both times.  He only served about 18 months for each, and his license has been revoked for years. 

State Senator Burke Harr says he wants a study done on the most effective ways to keep people from drinking and driving, and to keep them from re-offending. 

"It infuriates me when you talk about individuals like that.  They obviously have no regard for the law, they think the law is for somebody else,” Harr explained.  "So what we want to do is look to see what policies work, what don't, what can we do, how we can do it better.  How can we spend our money better, and how can we make our roads safer?" 

Kleine says they have to dedicate attorneys to prosecute about 180 people who are multiple offenders like Cano, or caused DUI accidents with injuries or death.

Cano’s father told KMTV Action 3 News on Wednesday that, "It's a bad situation and we've done more than enough to try to help him for many years." 

As of late Thursday afternoon, Cano had not been able to make bail.  He faces 2-to-50 years in prison if convicted.