Gun Permits and Sales on the Rise

Kandiss Crone

Gun Permits and Sales on the Rise

CREATED Jan. 15, 2013

La Vista, NE -  The sheriff's office and local gun shops have been very busy. People are buying guns, before lawmakers try to get some of them off the streets.

Gun store owner Rod Moeller says you won't find an assault rifle at his store. "The assault rifle is a made up term, it really does not exist," Rod Moeller said.

But 1994, Congress said they did exist and defined assault weapons as semi-automatic rifles, that looked like fully-automatic. An Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004.  

Moeller is curious to see what proposed gun legislation President Obama introduces tomorrow. Talks about stricter gun laws have many folks rushing to get gun permits so they can purchase rifles and other firearms before a possible ban takes place. 

"There's a lot of fear amongst most of my customer base that things are going to be banned, things that have been quite common," Moeller said. 

"Anytime there's threat to restrict the second amendment gun enthusiasts and hunters will come in to get their firearm certification so they can acquire the guns the need, or feel like they need and want while they still can," Chief Deputy Marty Bilek said. 

In the two days after the Sandy Hook shooting, KMTV reported back-to-back days of a record number of gun permits issued in Douglas County. Since then, Chief Deputy Marty Bilek has doubled his staff to accommodate the load. Before, the average number of permits issued was 30 a day, now it's 90. 

An assault weapons ban would have to be approved by Congress. Moeller has this message for lawmakers. 

"I would ask that our legislators look at history and learn from it. This was tried for a decade starting in 1994 and it had zero impact on crime." 

In Douglas County, gun permits are only required for handguns, but often times stores will request them when people purchase rifles.