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2 Young Sledders Injured; 1 Goes to the Hospital

2 Young Sledders Injured; 1 Goes to the Hospital

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jan 6, 2013

The sledding hills near 69th and Burt are as icy as ever. 

"I thought they would be alright, but obviously by them fences is really dangerous."

Another bad accident sent a young sledder to the hospital this afternoon. This time a 13 year old girl flew down this hill on an inner tube and crashed uncontrollably into a fence.

"She started to go down and she started going towards the fence and she hit her back on the fence pole. She was just laying there on her belly and she was like, I can't move."
Donna Cooper saw the girl lying in the snow and quickly sprang into action.
"She said she couldn't move at first and she was conscious, and they didn't really communicate real well but I called the parents and got help."
Paramedics hauled the teen off to Children's Hospital with injuries to her back.
Minutes later while on the scene, Action 3 News witnessed this sledder smack into the same fence.
Clearly in pain this teenager could not get up.
Action 3 News Photographer Harry Flansburg, who you see in the blue coat, rushed to free her from the fence. He then pulled her to safety.
"It was pretty scary, yeah I'm hoping she's alright."
The young girl did not want to go to the hospital.
Copper thinks these girls are old enough to sled on their own, but worries  about the dangers of the ice, the speed of a sled and an unyielding fence and its posts so close to the hill.