Omaha Police Open Fire on Armed Man Making Threats & Holding Child

Meghan Matthews

Omaha Police Open Fire on Armed Man Making Threats & Holding Child

CREATED Jan. 1, 2013

"They shot through the glass, "chk chk chk."

This isn't the scene neighbors expected to wake up to on New Years Day. "Sleep, heard gunshots, heard like the police horns calling him out, come out to the front door with hands up, and they kept repeating that. Eventually it just led to gunshots."

Omaha Police rushed to a home near 42nd and Spalding just after 4 a.m. for an armed disturbance.  They found 31 year old Tyree Bell armed with a shotgun, holding a child and making suicidal threats.
Police called in negotiators who tried to reason with Bell for nearly two hours.
Eventually, at least 4 officers on scene discharged their weapons.
"I was like, are you serious dude? You're gonna walk out in the yard, with a gun in your hand?."
The early morning commotion woke up this neighbor, who didn't want to show his face on camera.
He says he witnessed the entire incident from his window, "Then he come out of the house with a pistol, then he went back in the house, they started to get on the mic calling him calling him you know to come out. Next thing you know, I seen him come out again he had a 12 gage shotgun in his hand."
He says he too saw Bell carrying a child in one arm and a gun in the other. It's not clear if Bell was holding the child when police shot him.
Paramedics took Bell to Creighton Medical Center where he later died.