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Runners Show Commitment to Fitness This New Years

Runners Show Commitment to Fitness This New Years

By Kandiss Crone. CREATED Jan 1, 2013

Omaha, NE - It definitely takes commitment to lace up your shoes and run in the freezing cold this New Year's day. "Gotta start out strong for 2013 and this is a great way to do it," Robert Alderson said.

Hundreds participated in Omaha's first Commitment Day 2013 run. Robert Alderson crossed the finish line first. "This is the very first victory so it feels pretty good."
"It's awesome to start the year right off with a run so I decided I'd get out here and kick it off and start with a healthy new year," Morgan Chaffin said.
Members of Lifetime Fitness organized the race which is part of a national run involving more than 30 cities and tens of thousands of people nationwide.     
"Omaha is not in the top ten list of the healthiest most fit cities in the country and because I''m a part of this landscape and I take health and fitness seriously as a coach for Lifetime Fitness I absolutely would not stand down at the opportunity to have it," Sandy Bikus said.
Vanis Davidson's among several kids taking part in a 5k for the very first time. He says he's committed to staying active and healthy for the rest of the year. "Before I was just sitting and playing my Ipad and stuff but now I'm up and moving," Vanis Davidson said.
Organizers say they plan to make the Commitment Race an annual event.