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A Safe Ride This Holiday

Rebekah Rae

A Safe Ride This Holiday

CREATED Dec. 28, 2012

Omaha, NE- The Sarpy County sheriff's office has a new cab fare program that's catching on.  It will make the streets safer this holiday weekend.  The Sarpy County sheriff's office spent four months and $15,000 in grant money to create "I Care Cab Fare".  Prepaid debit cards used in taxi's, made for keeping roads safe. 

A busy weekend for bars is ahead as a long New Year's celebration begins Friday night.  More folks attending holiday parties means a higher risk for drunk driving crashes.  The prepaid cab fare gift cards are just like a debit card with cab company phone numbers right on the front of the card.
In December more than 11,000 cab fare debit cards have been sold.  Sarpy County Lieutenant Russ Zeeb says it's because more people are getting the message.  "Unfortunately we go tragedy to tragedy so people are seeing that, and knowing that they need to take alternative measures."  Zeeb says the majority of drunk drivers don't even realize they're too intoxicated to drive.  Once you have three drinks or more, put away the keys and find another way home.  
"I Care Cab Fare" gift cards are available at all SAC credit unions and on-line  They can be used in Douglas and Sarpy counties on all major taxi cabs.  Through the end of the year, buy them for 20 percent off.