Waking up to a Christmas Miracle

Rebekah Rae

Waking up to a Christmas Miracle

CREATED Dec. 25, 2012

Omaha, NE-  Children all over woke up Christmas morning and ran to see what Santa had brought them for Christmas.  One Omaha family rushed to see what strangers had dropped off after they were robbed of all their presents three days earlier. 

Every present under the tree, even gifts hidden, gone.  The thieves didn't stop there.  They stole food, dishes and two television sets.  Word got out and strangers brought back the lost Christmas joy.  Thanks to donors, three little girls ripped through their home on Christmas morning.  Leaving wrapping, piled toys and most of all, smiles.

Megan short never imagined her living room would be this full of toys.  "I'm just overwhelmed with the support."  When thieves broke in through Short's house window on December 22, they stole this families hope for a happy holiday.  "The girls were crying, I couldn't help but cry because they were devastated, they knew that they were gone."

No tears now as the three drown themselves in barbies, makeup and everything else on a Christmas wish list.  Still, an uneasy feeling lingers with her children.  Serenity is the oldest of the three, she says after everything, she's glad she still has her family, but worries.  "I hope nobody comes back to try to steal it." at 9 years old, Serenity has one more Christmas wish, that her home will not be the target of thieves again.