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Man In Custody After Online Threat

Rebekah Rae

Man In Custody After Online Threat

CREATED Dec. 18, 2012

 Omaha, NE- Four days after the Newtown Tragedy no threat is taken lightly.  Tuesday night, an Omaha man is in custody for a vague threat he posted on line.  Police identified 27 year old Joshua Gustafson as the person who posted the original message.  Tonight, he's in protective custody and will undergo a mental evaluation.  Police say his message was never a valid threat.

Omaha police say the post went up yesterday and detectives worked all night to identify the author, and assure everyone there is not a threat.  The on line post warned to watch the news this morning.  "Omaha NE. Watch the news. 9 am. Tomorrow. Big things."  Something big was going to happen somewhere in Omaha, but never did.  The post scared many who are still on edge from the school shooting in Connecticut. Parents started calling schools wondering if their children would be safe and how the school would protect them.  OPS put a message to parents on Facebook to reassure them an unusual step for the school district.

"There was enough of those calls and it felt like there was enough of a concern out there that we should let families and students know that we were aware of it and get the message out."  David Patton works at OPS, he says the best way to keep students focused is to maintain a routine in the classroom.