School Opens 25-Year-Old Time Capsule

Jake Wasikowski

School Opens 25-Year-Old Time Capsule

CREATED Dec. 18, 2012

A unique treat to celebrate a big anniversary for a Ralston elementary school

Tuesday morning, Seymour Elementary School opened a time capsule that's been untouched for 25 years.  Teachers and students who went to Seymour in 1987 came back to see it opened, while current students got to see what was cool back in the 80's.  The time capsule included photos, the Ralston Recorder, an old school shirt, as well as a My Little Pony and GoBots toys among other things. 

"It's pretty neat to see what kind of stuff they were into and what they liked to do and all their interests," said 6th grader, Cassie Christenson. 

"I think it's really neat because a lot of things have changed but yet not that much has," 6th grader, Skyler Slaven described. 

Seymour Elementary School is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  They also displayed yearbooks from every class that came through the school.