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OPS Superintendent Candidate #2: Dr. Carey Wright

Meghan Matthews

OPS Superintendent Candidate #2: Dr. Carey Wright

CREATED Dec. 12, 2012

Candidate number two, Dr. Carey Wright is ready to hit the ground running for the Omaha Public School district.

"The city of Omaha really needs a superintendent that has this kind of background and experience in urban education and also in changing drastically student performance."

At the district's second meet and greet hundreds of parents, teachers and OPS administrators anxiously listened to Dr. Wright.

Some had questions.

"What are we gonna do about achievement? How do you manage a district with the diversity we have?"

Dr. Wright had answers.

"I know that you're growing in poverty, I know that you're growing with minorities. That's something that I'm familiar with and something that I know a little bit about so I felt that this would be a good match."

With more than 35 years of experience in education Dr. Wright spent time in school districts in Maryland and is currently working in Washington D.C. with the district of Columbia Public Schools.

She says her experience with urban and suburban districts will be an asset for Omaha.
"I think that you know when you've got pockets of excellence and pockets of under performance I think you need somebody that has experience in dealing with both because you really want to raise the bar but you want to close the gap at the same time."

Using resources strategically, being transparent with parents and implementing a five year plan for improvement, she says will take time.

"This is hard work this isn't something that's gonna happen overnight there is no silver bullet to increasing student performance by 20 points in a year it's hard work."