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Two Pups Killed at Home

Two Pups Killed at Home

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Dec 5, 2012

 Omaha, NE-- They met fate in their own backyard.  In a corner yard near North 65th street, a families two pet dogs poisoned while playing in the yard.  Now the family wants answers.  Vicki Wagner won't let her family go in the backyard these days, she's too afraid of what they'll find.  

"It will be three weeks tomorrow, I cant bring myself to go out in the backyard."  Vicki Wagner says nothing is making sense.  Why would her two dogs have ingested rat poisoning?  Why was her family targeted?  And who is responsible?
On the morning of November 15th, the Wagners let their dogs go play outside.  Ten minutes later when they called them back in, the dogs were acting strange.  "Bella our puggle was all rubbery in her leg, she couldn't seem to walk."  Peanut the chihuahua didn't even make it inside.  He was laying on the sidewalk, the dog couldn't move.  "I put them both in the car and rushed them to the vet.  Peanut was dead when we got there and Bella died within ten minutes after that."
A toxicology report shows that both dogs had ingested strychnine, popular for killing moles and powerful enough to kill dogs.  The Wagners believe someone put the poison on meat and threw it in their yard.  Now they're hoping to catch those responsible.
The Nebraska Humane Society is offering a $1000.00 reward to anyone who has information that will lead to an arrest of those responsible.  Call 402-444-7800