5-10 Years For Woman Who Set Boyfriend On Fire

Jake Wasikowski

5-10 Years For Woman Who Set Boyfriend On Fire

CREATED Nov. 27, 2012

A mother, who set her boyfriend on fire and convinced her kids to take the blame, gets 5-10 years in prison.


Tanesha beard made an emotional plea to the court Tuesday morning and took responsibility for her actions at their home near 132nd and West Center Rd.  The defense for Tanesha Beard said the fire was a result of years of emotional abuse.


In March, beard poured gasoline and ignited the fire in the bedroom where her boyfriend, Jermaine Westbrook, was sleeping.  She then convinced her kids to take the blame before confessing herself.  Her defense attorney said Westbrook threatened Beard and her children the night of the fire.  Westbrook, who has recovered from his injuries, asked the judge for Beard not to go to prison.


In court, Beard emotionally said, "I'm very remorseful and want to take responsibility".


Judge Gregory Schatz didn't go along with a probation officer’s recommendation of 20 months in jail because of the seriousness of the crime.


"We feel this was a very appropriate sentence in a situation where she put so many people in danger and so many lives at risk for what she did.  We feel this is a very appropriate sentence," said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.


Prosecutors say Beard will likely spend 2 ½ years behind bars before she's eligible for parole.  She received credit for 247 days served.