OPS Board Discusses Superintendent Applicants

Jake Wasikowski

OPS Board Discusses Superintendent Applicants

CREATED Nov. 19, 2012

The OPS School Board says they will announce the finalists for the superintendent position on December 7th.  This is the second time in a year that they’ve gone through this process.

The board thought it hired the best candidate for the job in April, Dr. Nancy Sebring.  But she resigned before she even started after it went public that she sent racy emails to a lover from her work computer in Des Moines.  In June, the board decided to start a new search instead of choosing one of the other two finalists.  They also decided to use a new search firm, PROACT. 

Monday afternoon, the board and PROACT CEO Gary Solomon discussed 68 applicants.  Local, national candidates, who are up and coming K-12 educators as well as current superintendents are in the mix. 

"We don't define what's best for the community, we allow the community to do that.  The board of education worked hand in hand with the community to identify the traits and characteristics they want in their next superintendent," Solomon explained. 

Now, the board will interview those candidates hoping to name a new superintendent within the next month.  That person will oversee about 46,000 students and 7,000 employees. 

"The applicants that we heard about today went really well.  Everybody is great candidates for the position,” OPS Board President Freddie Gray explained.  "Feeling ready to get the interviews going and getting to those finalists so that we can name a superintendent." 

The board will not will announce the names of any candidates until they reveal the finalists for the job on December 7th.  They are expected to name a new superintendent on December 17th.