Holiday Text Scam Hits Omaha

Meghan Matthews

Holiday Text Scam Hits Omaha

CREATED Nov. 19, 2012

At first glance this deal looks pretty darn good.

"Well at first I was kind of curious, and then I got really excited and said well I'm going to Target for Christmas!."

"Yeah at first I was pretty excited I was like oh my gosh that's a lot of money especially this time of year I was like this is pretty cool."

A text message saying you've won a one thousand dollar Target gift card. It's a holiday scam sent to hundreds of thousands of cell phone customers nationwide.

"I actually received about 3 of them."

The text messages vary but all provide a link to a fake Target website where you can "claim your prize" by entering your personal information.

"I went to the website to see and there was like no website, so I was like ok it's one of those fake things."

Scammers are also sending texts linked to Walmart and Best Buy.

"If you're receiving those text messages I would definitely know where it's coming from be sure that you're verifying everything because as the old saying goes there's not usually a whole lot for free."

Omaha police warn not to trust any kind of text message like this one, because if it seems too good to be true it probably is.