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The Ads, the Deals, the Shoppers! It's Time for Holiday Shopping

The Ads, the Deals, the Shoppers! It's Time for Holiday Shopping

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Nov 18, 2012

They're everywhere; the ads, the deals, the shoppers!

In Omaha the holiday shopping season is already in full swing, and the wheeling and dealing started earlier than ever.

"Preps for Black  Friday have been in the works, for weeks -- and stores in Omaha say the anticipation is on the rise. Black Friday deals are starting as early as today shoppers can even get those deals Thanksgiving night."

"We expect a big rush about 8, til 10 or 11."

Sears joined the laundry list of heavy weight retailers opening stores on Thanksgiving night this year, saying the new hours will give people some breathing room to shop.

"They want to shop a little bit earlier, after they eat they're relaxed, they can come out and kind of leisurely shop instead of that big 4 am rush we've had in the past", says Crossroads Mall, Sears Store Manager Mike Lee.

But critics say the new "rush" to lure shoppers is way too early.

"They don't even let the other holidays finish before Christmas decorations and everything's out."

"I don't agree with it, I don't agree with it I think Thanksgiving is for family, but I really don't think so, we need to get back to family."

To avoid the long lines and crowd craze some buyers go for convenience. Black Friday sales started on line today.

"Web sales, internet sales probably 15-20% expansion from last year. In store sales I think it's gonna come, when it's all said and done it will be ok", says Economist Dr. Ernie Goss.

An optimistic sign for retailers who this year are giving a new meaning to the term: Early Bird Special.