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Sarpy County Issues Warrants for DUI "No Shows"

Craig Nigrelli

Sarpy County Issues Warrants for DUI "No Shows"

CREATED Nov. 15, 2012

Sarpy County, NE - The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office is looking for more than 100 drivers who have previously been stopped and booked for drunk driving.

The Sheriff's Office urged us to do this story and expose them.  Lt. Russ Zeeb said, " they either have failed to appear in court or have not upheld to the court order for sentencing, not paying their fines, some type of action of the court they have not complied with. "   As of this week, Sarpy County Courts had issued 107 arrest warrants up from 51 in late October.

We went through the records and here is what we discovered.  Of the 107 drunk driving related arrest warrants, almost one-third, 33 people, have been stopped arrested or convicted of drunk driving before.  For six of them this is their third offense.  Zeeb insisted " we need to get these guys off the streets."

We showed the information to parents and drivers.  Bree Allis said " that's shocking.  It is concerning being a mother of children and if they are driving that could prompt and issue. "

We also tried to find a few of the drivers who now are facing a third DUI.    Nobody was home at one listed address in Bellevue.  A second suspect no longer lived at his listed address and a third was not home at his listed address in Papillion.  He later called the station and said he is aware of the arrest warrant and that he owes a fine but does not have the money to pay it.  The man said he does plan on paying the fine when he gets the money.

The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office will be launching an anti-drunk driving blitz on December 7th called Tie One On For Safety.