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Two Communities Root for Isaac Pfeifer's Recovery

Two Communities Root for Isaac Pfeifer's Recovery

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Nov 13, 2012

This football stadium is packed with fans in red and blue.

Hundreds of people roaring and chanting, but tonight meant more than just a game.

"It would be great for the boys to win it for Isaac and I think they just have to win for themselves you know, to come over the emotion of it."

The boys of Norfolk Catholic are playing for their brother who couldn't be there, Isaac Pfeifer.

"It's Pierce, Norfolk Catholic so it's a big you know rivalry but to be able to pull together in a time like this its so huge."

Rivals on the field, but beyond the end zone a heartwarming gesture in a time of need.

"I said, get well soon Isaac."

Encouraging messages and donations from family, friends, even complete strangers; all for the Pfeifers.

"I think it's awesome that our community can reach out help you know people in need because they helped us."

"Now I know why we go to the school we go to, and why we live where we live, because it is amazing the number of people you don't even think it effects but it does."

Waving Isaac's name showing pride and support, two communities are rooting for his recovery.

"It just encourages him, it makes him want to try harder it just means so much to our whole family to have that much support behind us. I don't know what we'd do without everyone."