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Veterans Honored for Courage

Meghan Matthews

Veterans Honored for Courage

CREATED Nov. 12, 2012

La Vista- NE -Raising a glass to America's fallen, the service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Hundreds of people; family, friends and fellow veterans toasted to remember the brave.

"I've seen suicide planes hit carriers and battleships but we were very fortunate. I was very fortunate, " said Bob McGranaghan, who still gets emotional talking about World War II.

In the Navy and out to sea for 30 months, McGranaghan pulled the trigger on a destroyer ship aimed at suicide planes.

"Main thing that went through every-body's mind, you know shut your mouth and see what happens, " he said.

Bob and fellow vets were recognized for their acts of courage, but tonight was also to remember.

"The brave people who haven't made it back. They made that ultimate sacrifice to make sure that we have our freedom."

24 years in the Air Force and Anna Colon sees the men and women around her as true veterans.

"I'm the small kid, compared to all of these, these are true veterans. There are guys who served in Korea and who served in Vietnam. I served in Iraq but they served in Vietnam, I mean that to me is a true war veteran."

Pride and honor went to all who served our country, especially those who never made it back.

"The real heroes, never came home. Anybody that came home like me, you know and the rest of the, I'm glad these guys are here but the heroes never came home."