Shooting Survivor Speaks Out About Friend's Death

Kandiss Crone

Shooting Survivor Speaks Out About Friend's Death

CREATED Nov. 8, 2012

Omaha, NE - A nurse wheels Nakia Johnson from her hospital room several days after someone shot her 11 times and killed her close friend. 

"We thought they were gonna ask a question cause they rolled the window down and they just started shooting," Nakia Johnson said.
Last week, Johnson and 16 year-old Eriana Carr were walking back to their home when the gunman pulled up and shot them. Johnson says she didn't get a good look at the suspect but believes police already have him in custody.
"I just can't imagine that somebody would randomly see two girls just walking and going into their yard and was just like 'I'm just about to shoot these girls."
Days before police say Tracy Parnell held a gun to Johnson's head threatened her and demanded she call her boyfriend, a rival gang member. Instead, Johnson called police and days later someone riddled her and Carr with bullets. "I kinda feel like it's my fault, you know, people keep saying it's not your fault you didn't pull the trigger but you know he was after me and he just happened to be with me."
Johnson says she misses Eriana and the guilt weighs heavily on her heart. Police have not named Parnell as a suspect in the shooting.
Johnson has this message for the person responsible for the murder: "Does he have any remorse for killing somebody who never did anything to anybody and then shooting me?"