Kerrey and Fischer Make Their Cases

Craig Nigrelli

Kerrey and Fischer Make Their Cases

CREATED Nov. 5, 2012

Omaha, NE - U-S Senate candidates Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey both appeared on a KMTV Action 3 News political special Monday night.

Fischer said,  " We need to be talking about cutting spending, balancing the budget, reducing regulation, reforming the tax code, addressing a deficit. "  Kerrey said, " You're not going to get a balanced budget unless Democrats give on spending.  I've done that in this campaign. I've endorsed Republican proposals to fix Social Security to fix Medicare."

Both candidates addressed the attack ad that the Kerrey campaign has used repeatedly, the Democrat defended it saying " It's uncomfortable for her.  She tried to buy the land.  She went to court to take it back. "  Republican Fischer noted, " Nebraskans see through that.  It's desperation, avoidance of the issues.  People in Nebraska want to talk about the issues. "

Kerrey will watch the election results come in, in Omaha,  Fischer will be in Lincoln.  The winner will replace Democrat Ben Nelson who is retiring.