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Presidential Candidates Make Final Push for the White House

Jennifer Griswold

Presidential Candidates Make Final Push for the White House

CREATED Nov. 4, 2012

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) - Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says he may be defeated by President Barack Obama in Tuesday's presidential contest, but it's doubtful.
Speaking at an Ohio rally Sunday afternoon, Romney said that it's possible, but not likely that Obama will win. He was responding to supporters who booed when he speculated on the consequences of an Obama second term.
President Barack Obama enters the final hours of the 2012 presidential campaign with an edge in the hunt for the 270 electoral votes needed to win and more ways to reach that magic number.
An Associated Press analysis based on polls, political strategists and other data suggest at least six states could go either to Obama or Mitt Romney. Eighty-three electoral votes are up for grabs in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia and Wisconsin. That's where Obama and Romney are focusing their campaigning this weekend.
The analysis is not meant to be predictive but instead to provide a snapshot of a race that has been extraordinarily close from the outset.

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