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Suttle Calls for Legislative Reform to Keep Omaha Safe

Suttle Calls for Legislative Reform to Keep Omaha Safe

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Oct 29, 2012

"The only way to get guns out of the offenders hands is to make the law tougher."

Reeshard Parks lost both of her sons, Devon and Robert Nash, one year ago to gun violence.

"If ya get 20 years, give me my 20. There's no good behavior, you get out of jail and you're doing the same thing you was doing when you went in."

Weapons charges against the suspect were ultimately dropps, but Reeshard says because of his criminal history he never should have been out of jail.

That's the very problem Mayor Suttle wants to fix.

"We need to get the perpetrators of violent crime off of our streets for as long as possible."

Suttle says state law stands in that way. He says Good Time Laws and furlough programs give some inmates another shot at every day life, only in some cases, those released inmates commit tragic crimes.

One city councilman agrees.

"Because it sure seems to me that we have a better tracking and preventative measures for political candidates than we do inmates, that's gotta change."

The family of Devon and Robert Nash, says changes in the law will help keep violence off the streets.

"The only way to reach them is to affect them with time, with jail, remove them away from their family, move them away and put them where you know the big boys are."