Hurricane Sandy grounds thousands of flights

CBS News

Hurricane Sandy grounds thousands of flights

CREATED Oct. 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hasn't made landfall yet but the storm is already having an 

impact on travelers.
An estimated 3,500 flights nationwide have been canceled in anticipation of 
the storm. Fort Worth-based Amercan Airlines and American Eagle canceled 140 
flights Sunday and pre-canceled 1,431 flights through Wednesday.
Some of the most affected cities for flight cancellations are Newark, 
Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.
Airlines are waiving change fees for travelers going to and from select east 
coast cities.
DFW International Airport is prepared for any passengers who might be 
stranded. The airport will keep restaurants and shops open later and is ready 
to distribute hotel vouchers, cots or toiletry kits for those in need.
Airlines anticipate more delays and/or cancellations in the aftermath of the