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Valentine Residents React to Senate Race

Valentine Residents React to Senate Race

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Oct 28, 2012

Valentine, NE - Cherry County has become the setting for several ads in the U.S. Senate race. Bob Kerrey believes a lawsuit regarding his opponent shows Deb Fischer's character. Fischer has called the ads personal attacks.

Action 3 News traveled to Valentine. It's about a five and a half hour drive from Omaha. Cherry County is geographically larger than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. Yet in terms of population, it's slightly smaller than Ralston, NE.

Valentine is a cattle ranching town. In the May primary, 69 percent of residents registered Republican.

One resident, William Stroup, told us he's a Democrat, and he believes the ads have effectively presented Fischer's character in a questionable manner.

Others disagree. One man, Richard Tetherow, told us he's a Republican and Fischer's friend. He stands by Fischer and says the land dispute was not a big deal years ago when it happened, and it shouldn't be one now.

You can hear other opinions and learn more about Valentine by watching the attached video.