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Domestic Violence Victims Hold Downtown Vigil

Justin Pazera

Domestic Violence Victims Hold Downtown Vigil

CREATED Oct. 25, 2012

Silent victims who often  feel too afraid to go to police, let alone speak out, took a courageous first step Thursday night.  A vigil took place right on the steps of where many of these domestic violence cases are prosecuted, the Douglas County Courthouse, but still many cases go unreported.

More than 17,000 domestic violence related 911 calls came into Douglas County last year. The vigil Thursday was to honor victims who haven't been able to speak out and those who had the courage to get out. Liz Jones, a domestic violence survivor says, "The biggest misconception about domestic violence is that really that it happen only in lower class families. It's not true. It happens in middle class families and upper class families. You'd be surprised the things that goes on in certain homes. I mean it's one in three women that are being abused right now."

The Women's Center for Advancement in Omaha says it received more than 2,400 calls to its crisis center through September of this year.