Lieberman Backs Kerrey's Senate Bid

Jake Wasikowski

Lieberman Backs Kerrey's Senate Bid

CREATED Oct. 25, 2012

Thursday, Connecticut U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (I), and U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D) backed Bob Kerrey for his bid to take over Nelson's seat.  Between the three of them they have 48 years of experience in the U.S. Senate, which includes Kerrey's run from 1988-2000.


The theme of the day for Bob Kerrey was experience, experience in the senate instead of just talk.  Kerrey says he'll back it up again.


A recent poll from a firm called Pharos puts Kerrey just two points behind Fischer.  It's important to note, the poll was conducted for the Kerrey camp.


"You're seeing Nebraskans say we are going with experience and that we believe you'll do exactly what you'll say.  That you'll fight to change congress, and that you'll work with republicans to get the budget balanced," Kerrey explained.


Kerrey also spoke about being an independent voice, and being able to cross party lines to balance the budget.