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EIE President Urges Residents to Take Back their Community

EIE President Urges Residents to Take Back their Community

By Kandiss Crone. CREATED Oct 23, 2012

Omaha, NE - The shooting death of Montrell Wiseman has neighbors saying 'enough is enough.'

"It's close to home. I got five of them 13 and under and that's horrible and I couldn't imagine losing one," Yolanda Johnson said.
The neighborhood of 21st and Binney is one of many recently rattled by gun violence. We asked the president of the anti-violence group "Enough is Enough" what residents can do to take back their community. "Get to know your neighbors, pick up trash, have a community block party, different things like that, there are several examples of ways to get to know your neighbors and get to know the young people around," Morghan Price McGaugh said.
Morgan Price McGaugh says she's seen crime decrease when residents get involved, speak up, and work with police to make their communities safe. "As of right now, as long as people continue to stay scared and continue to keep information to themselves they're allowing the people out there being destructive to basically run them and their lives."
Neighbor Traci Morgan has lived on the block for 10 years. She says even though community involvement is important, raising children to lead positive, productive lives is just as important. "It really starts at home, the rules the boundaries, the guidelines, everything starts at home and if your kids listen to you and take that to heed then you will have a better outcome as they get older," Traci Morgan said.